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Review of To Make Matters Worse:

"What I really liked from this book was Danny’s ease with telling these stories and that he had just come to terms with being able to laugh at the situation versus dwelling on it and feeling sorry for himself. Aside from the crapping on walls and clothes and such, he details other events in his life that really gave you an idea of his childhood and teen years and I could relate to many similar events while growing up. Danny spoke on his tours in Europe and finding himself in strange situations but also people he grew up with and experiences most people can relate with or appreciate the ridiculousness. One such experience was the running and hiding from cops while doing dumb ass shit as teens. I felt the anxiety of hiding and waiting out the searching cops and then having to keep a straight face denying any involvement...." - J Spec from In Effect Hardcore


“Every so often, a revenge film can take us to places where we question humankind’s everlasting lust for violence, it’s cost and effect. But mostly it’s about visceral enjoyment of seeing the odds evened and the balance restored…Clearly Marianino has done his homework.” – Tal Zimerman, writer, Rue Morgue Magazine
The quote was taken from Issue # 154 Rue Morgue

Here are some pictures from my book signing Dec 5th, 2014 for The Mega Book of Revenge Films at The Film Bar in downtown Phoenix!



Also on Legless Corpse is a review of The Mega Book of Revenge Films Volume 1: The Big Payback by Chad Armstrong

Review Link

"The reviews themselves are short and sweet, essentially what I look for in a reference guide. The intent of the book isn’t to inform the reader of trivia but to inform the reader about fantastic films to dig into. Nor does the book deeply analyze the theme of revenge. But the book was never meant to. It’s a fun reference guide that’s a pleasure to flip through and write down a huge list of films to check out." Taken  from Jacob Gustafson's review on Toxic Graveyard .Com

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"Chapters load the clip of dual vengeance .45s with gleeful titles such as Lessons Learned - Classic Revenge and One-Liner Threats That Taught me Right From Wrong and Serves You Right - The Laughter in Getting Even. In between valuable life lessons and massive lists of must see films, The Mega Book of Revenge Films Vol. 1 offers interviews with genre favorites like Lance Hendriksen, Fred Williamson, and Heather Langenkamp." - Taken from Chuck Francisco's review on Mania .Com 

Having just enjoyed a fine read known as, The Mega Book of Revenge Films: Volume One, I was happy to respond to the invitation in the back pages to contact its author, Danny Marianino. I wanted to ask this fellow some questions, since I was certain his answers would be interesting.....
— Nathan Surface

"One of my favorite things about Danny Marianino’s book, The Mega Book of Revenge Films Volume 1: The Big Payback, is the number of films he covers in the book. Some of them I had never heard of, others like Rolling Vengeance I had not seen in years." - Chris the Brain from Bullet Proof Action .Com




Click the image above for an interview I did with Legless Corpse. Com

"His shoot-the-shit approach to discussing (vs. reviewing) the films fan-to-fan is infectious; you’ll emerge from it with a large list of titles to catch or revisit, not to mention a yearning for Mega’s promised 2016 follow-up, Volume 2: Gleaming the Cube."  —Rod Lott at Flick Attack. Com

This is a picture with a cool guy Dan Dixon that brought down some North Side Kings and Soulfly stuff for me to sign as well!

Grand opening at Asylum Records in Mesa AZ book signing in 2013. Also in attendance signing was Max Cavalera (Soulfly/Sepultura) and sons. 

Pictures from my book signing at Zia Records by Melissa Fossum and friends. Covered by The Phoenix New Times

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From Metal Hammer Magazine April 2013 Issue #242

From Revolver Magazine September 2006 Issue #48 Metallica Interview with James Hetfield

Interview with Decibel Magazine 10/2012 Issue # 96 by Nick Green 

Official Decibel Website

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Interview on Channel 3 New for Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar 02/11/2013 with Scott Pasmore

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